Social media: what now?

The heat's on high for Facebook these days, as Mark Zuckerberg & co. reflect on their perceived influence in the 2016 election. I myself have been aggravated by Facebook's obnoxious "trending" feature more often than not (especially when a real news story is ongoing, it's frustrating to see "Kylie Jenner" and "Hairspray" at the top of … Continue reading Social media: what now?

Who lost the most?

In preschool, my brother learned to name then 43 presidents in chronological order. Many Americans grow up with legends about George Washington’s cherry tree and Honest Abe; now Hamilton has enshrined even one of our more unimaginative forefathers. School House Rock taught me from an early age that this nation was founded and shaped by … Continue reading Who lost the most?


So much of American rhetoric is spun with providence: John Winthrop's "city upon a hill," the American Dream, Manifest Destiny...even our modern politics are sprinkled with dreams that never die and 18 million cracks in the highest, hardest glass ceiling. And the presidential mandate holds no less weight. The mandate is the idea that the … Continue reading Mandate

Politics of Health Records

7 weeks out from Election Day, and this was a big one. To recap: Hillary Clinton deviated 47% from the stump with the ever-hashtagable "basket of deplorables" comment, Colin Powell took the latest hit from DC Leaks, and Donald Trump finally backed off his birther theory (before dumping the blame on Clinton). Trump did have one #winning moment, though - Clinton has indeed been feeling a … Continue reading Politics of Health Records