Zero-sum game, zero-score debate

Well, the pivotal moment came and went - Donald and Secretary Clinton (is that OK with you? I just want you to be happy) faced off Monday night and we all lived to fight another day. Here's what didn't happen: 1) a question about a fake government agency 2) a dig at Donald's small hands 3) … Continue reading Zero-sum game, zero-score debate

Debate preview, a history

One of my only vivid memories from the college admissions process blur is sitting in an optional one-on-one information session, across from a woman only a few years older than me. Our conversation was perfectly nice and casual - she hadn't thrown any curveballs or asked anything particularly interesting - until I mentioned I was … Continue reading Debate preview, a history

Politics of Health Records

7 weeks out from Election Day, and this was a big one. To recap: Hillary Clinton deviated 47% from the stump with the ever-hashtagable "basket of deplorables" comment, Colin Powell took the latest hit from DC Leaks, and Donald Trump finally backed off his birther theory (before dumping the blame on Clinton). Trump did have one #winning moment, though - Clinton has indeed been feeling a … Continue reading Politics of Health Records